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Week 1: Foundations and Form for Success

What Should I Eat?

Our Nutritionist Sonja McCord, talks about what we should eat for optimal health and vitality. Simple, easy to follow advice which you can implement today.

Health Challenge 

This one thing you can do today will change your energy levels, ability to focus reduce bloating and more!

Class 1.3

A nice class to get some release in your lower back.

Class 1.2

You’ll notice your abs today! Gently building up to good strong core connections.

Class 1.1

Find solid connections in your body. Connect your left and right sides and feelco-ordinated!

Foundation Lessons

When we understand how to be mindful and move with careful precision, you’ll find the right muscles and feel the results.


Welcome to ‘My Best Shape’.Over the next 6 weeks, you are going to notice remarkable changes in your body and experience a great sense of wellbeing and health. So excited for you!

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