Eat Well – Be Well

Eat Well Be Well is a program designed for guiding people to eating a healthy,
balanced diet. The advice is general in nature. Some conditions and medications may
be affected by certain everyday foods. If you have a diagnosed condition, it is always
recommended to discuss any dietary changes with your health professional.
There is no implication intended to change any other lifestyle choices you are making,
including medications. We do not advise on medications or other health advice from
other health professionals.

The nutrition content in this program is based on Holistic Nutrition/Wholefoods: Unprocessed food & eating mindfully
This program is designed to complement, not replace advice from any health other professional.
The message is learning how to create a balanced diet and lifestyle.
The key principle is gradually changing habits for life. Many popular diets rely on short term change which is unsustainable

Learn to eat intuitively, fueling your body for optimum health.

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