Align Full Body Pilates

20 minutes You're going to feel super with some good movement to align your body and strengthen your glutes. Side lying position, bridging, side to side and mermaid.

Stretch Breathe Energise

22 minutes This class will get you all stretched out - but at the same time be uplifting with a bit of energetic leg work.

Tins For Toned Arms

Wow! You'll be amazed by how effective this 10 minutes class is! You'll need a couple of tins of food from the pantry, and you're good to go.

Meditative Moves To Bring Calm

22 minutes of gentle movement and stretches. Release tension and feel calm.

Power House

You'll feel good after this 21 minutes abdominal workout. With a bonus glute massage to finish! Suitable for women with osteoporosis and also pregnant women!

Back Into The Swing Of it!

If it's been a while since you've rolled out your mat, then give this one a go to re-spark your routine. Just 15 minutes

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