Create new habit loops

New habit loops are created more quickly than you think.
We can hang a new habit onto the old one, if replacing is
too much all at once.
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When it comes to changing habit loops, sometimes this involves replacing the habit, or adding something to the existing habit.
For Example:
A person regularly has a scone and coffee in the morning. Cutting out the scone has proved unsuccessful.
If this is your challenge, try hanging a new habit on the old one: Eg; each time you stop to buy a soft drink, buy an apple too.
Interrupt the habit loop by adding a new habit
This is where you interrupt the habit by removing the trigger.
Eg: If turning on the TV is a trigger to eat ice-cream. Swap the TV for
another activity, such as a walk or call a friend, or swap the ice-cream
for another activity, such as reading, or knitting, grabbing a mineral
water instead, whilst watching TV

Identify a habit you'd
Like to change or create

Some habits are more easily
replaced by using a reward.
When it comes to your nutrition, the rewards are endless, so choose ones which work for you and use in your self-talk.
My reward for choosing the quinoa salad instead of the usual option is:

Identify a habit you'd
Like to change or create

Create a list of habits you can create and incorporate into your day — some suggestions are listed below.
A good habit suggestion: Cook extra at dinner — then pack up the meal for lunch the next day, whilst plating up the evening meal.
Remember, if replacing a habit is proving a challenge try adding the new habit first.
Here’s another idea!
Swapping coffee for lemon water in the morning. Simply have both, drinking the lemon water first and still having the coffee.
You’ll have created a new healthy habit and not feel deprived.
You will feel empowered each time you make a healthy habit change Remember to focus on what you have achieved, (not what you haven’t!)
Write down 3 good things about your day and any achievements on a sticky note, in your journal, or in notes on your phone.
Every achievement, big or small, is worth celebrating. Keep up the positive changes!
Where to start when creating change in habit loops:
Create some time and headspace.
  • Start by creating space in the week to immerse yourself in this course.
  • Any change takes time, we need to make gradual changes in order for habits to change for good.
  • Be kind to yourself. Focus on the achievements
  • Write down 3 good health things about your day.
  • For example, | created a new habit today…
    Top Tip:

    Find the best-you - accepting yourself, positive self-talk.
    You have one body, so love it and look after it!

    Find the best-you - accepting yourself, positive self-talk.You have one body, so love it and look after it!

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