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Thank you for trusting us to inspire and nurture your health journey.
Through this easy-to-follow program, we will guide and empower
you to find your healthiest self.
Thank you for trusting us to inspire and nurture your health journey. Through this easy-to-follow program, we will guide and empower you to find your healthiest self.

"Food is fuel.
The nutrients in food will nourish your body.
Eat Well. Be Well:'

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The good news is, you 100% CAN have boundless energy,
healthy skin and hair, maintain a healthy weight and feel terrific!

Following our whole foods approach to achieve good health is easier than you might think! You’ll be pleased to know you won’t have to diet, won’t have to weigh food or count calories and no real food is off the table.
We are here to take the confusion out of what to eat to have a thriving, healthy body and live the best life you possibly can!
Through our knowledge, study, research and years of personal experience, we will show you that eating well, and having a healthy body can be simple and sustainable.
By purchasing this program, you’ve taken the first step in deciding to invest in your health. You have our commitment that we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.
If you stay open to learning and to trying new things we’re absolutely confident you will improve your health. Fresh is Best

Fresh is Best

Key areas in whole-food nutrition:
To get things started, there’s a few key things to note when launching into your Eat Well. Be Well. health journey:
  • A variety of wholefoods provide nutrients to nourish the body for optimal functioning.
  •  Source fresh, local, naturally grown produce, when possible.
  •  Source pasture-raised or grass-fed meat, dairy and eggs, if you’re eating animal protein. This is essential for the health of humans, animals, the soil and the planet.
  • Source wild-caught fish when possible.
  • Incorporate movement and nutrition into your day, for flexibility, strength and wellness.
  • Reduce toxins: In food, the environment, cleaning products, personal care products, cosmetics, air fresheners, scented candles and plastics.
  • Build a lifestyle which improves wellness and health: good food, positivity, fresh air and exercise.
No real, whole food is off the table. Eating a variety of whole foods across all food groups, whilst reducing refined flour products, soft drinks and highly processed, sugary foods are key to achieving wellness.
Focus on the inner body health: Learn to listen to your body. Eat mindfully and intuitively and engage in positive self-talk.

"Our aim is for you to integrate mindful eating
habits into your life & feel wellness"

Beth & Laura

Eat Well. Be Well.
What you can do:
  • Habit loops – Gradually add positive healthy habits.
  • Gut health – Feed the good gut bacteria in your body. They do millions of jobs, including sending messages around the body to ensure everything functions properly. Improving gut health is linked to improved health outcomes.
  • Food is fuel – Beth and I agree that to learn to eat mindfully and feel a sense of health and well-being, helps us see food as nourishment. Visualize the nutrients from food replenishing the cells in our body, so our cells can do their millions of jobs.
  • Mindful & Intuitive eating
You’ve invested in Eat Well. Be Well,
so it’s time to:
Our ethos means eating a diet rich in whole,
unprocessed foods. Eat well and exercise to
enjoy wellness.
Remember to focus on the positives and each achievement –
We’re here to celebrate small steps with you!
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