Pilates for Mums

Regain your confidence with safe and effective exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your pelvic floor after having a baby, or simply want to get moving again in a gentle and safe way, then Pilates for Mums makes it easy and achievable. Reconnect with your body and give yourself a little extra TLC.

Pilates for Mums is all about taking some precious time for yourself and feeling at home again in your body.

We know that having a baby will have placed significant stress on your body, lifestyle and perhaps even your confidence. Feeling unproductive, or struggling with aches and pains can make life challenging.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Pilates for Mums is just the thing to help you re establish a connection to your body and help you feel strong, tension free and positive!

The best news is, it’s easy to incorporate Pilates for Mums into your daily schedule, as the classes are only 15 minutes long and are done from home.

This way, you can stay consistent, progress each week and see results.

Above all else, Pilates for Mums is about moving to feel good and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. You’ll boost your mood, reduce stress and start to feel more confident.

Your body will move with ease, and you’ll start to look forward to the times when you can get on your mat. (Baby can even join you on the mat!)

We are here to help you take care of yourself and become the healthiest, happiest you’ve ever been as you love and care for your new baby!

at your fingertips

you will have…

A 6 week program, with access to over 16 Pilates instructional videos which you can do as often as you like. The course is designed to progress you through strengthening and (well deserved) stretching exercises with two 15 minute classes each week.

Access to 6x instructional videos from Physiotherapist Sarah Benson - Lessons on understanding the body, how to heal and how to re-establish connections through your core.

Access to one Live Online Class per week. - Where you can meet other women, have a chat, and do some Pilates together in a supportive, safe place.( It’s even okay to show up in your pj’s)

Access to a private facebook community - with daily tips, motitvation to get on your mat, health tips, mindset and wellbeing teaching.

You’ll have access within the group to your Pilates coach Beth and also to Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Sarah Benson to ask any questions that might come up for you

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